If you are in the market for motorcycle or ATV insurance in West Virginia, Yeager Insurance has you covered. Our agents can assist you in building a policy that is within your budget and that fits your specific needs and lifestyle.  We offer many different options for our loyal clients.  In addition to learning about all of our various options, be sure to ask your representative what state laws apply in West Virginia to ensure that you meet the minimum liability coverage amount.

 Liability coverage

If you are in an accident, liability insurance covers any resulting bodily injury or damage to property that you cause to other individuals.  It does not cover your own injuries or any resulting damage to your motorcycle/ATV.  Guest Passenger Liability can cover any injuries to a passenger you are carrying on your motorcycle/ATV.  Some states require this type of protection and others do not.

Collision coverage

If you are in an accident, collision insurance covers any resulting damage to your motorcycle/ATV.  That means that (minus your deductible) the insurance company pays for any damage caused to your motorcycle/ATV if you have an accident involving a collision with another vehicle or an object.  Collision insurance typically covers the book value of your motorcycle/ATV before the collision.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage offers you the chance to submit a claim for damage resulting from fire, vandalism, theft, or events other than collisions with another vehicle or object.  Comprehensive coverage typically covers the book value of your motorcycle/ATV before the event that causes the damage (minus your deductible).

It is important to note that comprehensive and collision policies generally do not cover any additional optional accessories and instead only cover your motorcycle/ATV’s factory standard parts.  If your motorcycle/ATV has optional accessories like a custom paint job, chrome parts, or a trailer/side-car, you should consider purchasing additional coverage for those accessories.

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