Homeowners’ insurance policies typically cover the home itself, the garage and any other structures that are on the property.  In addition, personal possessions that reside within the home are covered, including furniture, clothing and appliances.

Coverage protects against damage from different situations, such as fire, windstorms and theft.  Specific policies cover different ranges of perils.  All-risk policies offer the most comprehensive coverage and cover all emergencies other than those that are specifically excluded from the policy.  For example, floods and earthquakes are not covered by such policies and must be purchase separately.

Loss of Use provisions within homeowners’ insurance policies cover any additional living expenses that may be incurred in the event of a disaster.  If a policyholder has to live somewhere else during a renovation following a disaster, any resulting living expenses are covered.  Liability provisions within homeowners’ insurance policies cover any accidental injuries that may be caused to the person or property of third parties, including slip and fall or other similar types of injuries.

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