Discounts and Savings Available for Safe Drivers

Updated: 02/27/2020

West Virginia requires drivers to carry auto insurance in order to operate a vehicle. Drivers who have a clean driving record are most likely going to pay less than those who have tickets or accidents on their record. The best way to get a great price on the auto insurance you need is by making sure you have a clean driving record. The good thing is, accidents and tickets do not stay on your record forever. After a period of time, the insurance company will not use them to determine your auto insurance rates. Even if you have an accident or a ticket on your driving record now, avoiding accidents or tickets in the future can allow you to have a clean driving record again and you’ll be able to save money at that point.

Shopping around is another way to save money. Even if you have an auto insurance policy right now, you may not have the best one for your needs. Taking a look at different options can help you lower your expenses while increasing the amount of coverage you have. If you had an accident or ticket on your record but it has been a few years since it happened, try looking into different insurance policies. The new policies might not count the accident or ticket, enabling you to start a new policy with a clean driving record and save more money.

Save Money When Adding Teen Drivers to a Policy

Adding a teen driver to your policy means you’re going to pay more. Teens are more likely to get in an accident or get a ticket than other age brackets, so insurance for a teen driver is often much higher. However, there are ways to save money when you’re adding your teen to your driver’s insurance policy. Many insurance companies today will offer discounts for driver’s education or safe driving courses as well as for having good grades.

Driver’s education courses help teach teens how to drive safely, so they can be used for a discount on your auto insurance. On top of that, consider having your teen enroll in a safe driving course. These courses can be fun and include how to control a vehicle during dangerous weather, how to anticipate dangerous situations, how to react to different road conditions, and making informed decisions on the road. After thy take a safe driving course, you can see a significant discount on your insurance rates.

Good grades can also lead to lower rates. If you’re adding a teen who is still in high school, their grades can help you save money. Talk with your insurance agent if you’re interested in getting in seeing how much of a difference good grades can make as well as what the grades need to be for this discount to be applicable.

Make Sure You Have the Right Liability Limits

Before you purchase any auto insurance policy, consider the liability coverage you need. Liability typically covers bodily injury as well as property damage. The minimum limits in West Virginia1 are $25,000 to $50,000 for bodily injury, liability, and property damage, but it’s often a good idea to get far more than the minimum allowed. If you’re in a car accident that is your fault, you want to have your insurance policy cover as much as possible for any injuries or damages that result from the accident. If the costs of the accident exceed your policy, you could end up paying the remainder out of pocket.

Bodily injury covers any injuries to those in the other vehicle if you cause an accident with another car. This could include medical bills, emergency aid expenses, long-term treatments for serious injuries, and time off work for recovery. This can quickly add up to quite a bit of money, especially if there was more than one person in the vehicle. Property damage covers anything you might hit if you cause an accident. This could be another vehicle, fences, walls, light posts, and more. It can also include property in the other vehicle that is damaged because of the accident. This adds up quickly as well, especially if the other vehicle needs to be replaced.

The difference in price for the minimum amount of coverage and a far higher amount of coverage is small. It’s likely going to be worth it to pay the extra to have more coverage just in case something happens. If you do end up making a mistake and causing an accident, you will feel better knowing your insurance company is going to be able to handle all of it on your behalf.

Take Advantage of Excellent Customer Service for Your Policy

Auto insurance is crucial, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. If you’re ready to shop around for a new insurance policy so you can get better coverage and save money, talk to an agent at Yeager Insurance today. They have friendly and knowledgeable insurance agents who are willing to listen to what you need and help make sure you can find the best auto insurance policy. They’re also local and involved in their communities, and they have a personal vested interest in their customers. They’re going to take the time to make sure the auto insurance you purchase is going to be perfect for you.