AAA, a popular motor club that has millions of members in the United States and Canada, has decided to stop offering residents in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky new memberships beginning December 1, 2021. Glenn Yeager, Founder of Yeager Insurance & Financial Services, took some time to answer your most frequently asked questions. Please see below, and as always, if you have a question that was not answered, please contact us at (304) 757-3900.


What changes are coming to AAA customers? 

AAA is ceasing to write new business in West Virginia, Ohio, & Kentucky beginning 12/01/2021. At that point, we have up to one-year to move customers before they are non-renewed. AAA will no longer be writing insurance, but customers will be able to maintain their memberships directly with AAA Motor Club if they wish.

What is Yeager Insurance doing for these customers? 

We have carefully analyzed our local insurance markets and overall industry trends and have decided to add Encompass Insurance to complement our existing incredible line up of insurance carriers. You can find more information on Encompass at

Is the new insurance company equivalent to AAA? 

Encompass Insurance is owned by a longstanding pillar in the insurance industry, Allstate Insurance Company. Encompass offers a far more diverse line of products for most any personal insurance needs. For instance, they underwrite personal umbrella liability policies to accompany home and auto packages with sharp discounts for packing all your personal insurance needs with one carrier.

Will rates go up with this change? 

That we cannot answer at this time, but the answer for Yeager customers and anyone one else that will allow us to assist them is, not a chance. This is actually a great opportunity for us to take another look at not only our customers’ rates, but a good review of any changes they may have had in their needs since the last review.

Will the AAA insurance automatically be canceled? 

Absolutely NOT!

What do AAA members need to do before the change? 

Our customers do not need to do anything. We will be reaching out to them with some great options well in advance of their next renewal with AAA. After my review of our new carrier and current ones versus a small sample of our AAA book of business, I know for a fact we will be able to offer them equal or better coverage for less annual premium!

For more information on AAA or other services that Yeager Insurance & Financial Services offer, please contact our office